Pendleton Farmstay: Camilla the cuddly camel


P7272946 collage

This glamorous creature is Camilla the camel; she lives at Pendleton Farm, located south-east of Keith on the Dukes Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne. (The other glamorous creature is my sister, who sacrificed her hands to Camilla’s close, whiskery, and somewhat smelly examination. Thanks sis!)


Whippoorwill: a shawl knit from the top down

Last winter I fell in love with a skein of plum hand-dyed yarn that was made from the efforts of silkworms and baby camels. I knew exactly what I wanted to knit it into: a laceweight shawl that I’d seen online, called Whippoorwill, which is knit on circular needles from the top (neck) down.

So I purchased the pattern from the good folks at Ravelry. I have to say that I seldom work from a pattern – and had I known how much concentration following it would require, I wouldn’t have begun! Not that it requires much skill, but there’s a lot of counting to be done. And because I didn’t know, I went ahead and made it anyway, all the way to the very end.

It took me two winters, because there was always something more interesting to do (usually involving a camera or a computer), but yesterday I finally finished it. Aside from the astounding fact that I finished what I started, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.