A Dawning Realisations: use what you have

Well, it’s a no-brainer, surely? And yet, one that has been eluding me in my Gear Acquisition Syndrome-induced blindness. Ever since a friend asked if I would take photos at her wedding, I have been on a journey to improve my gear to a level that might not make a pro (one of whom will also be shooting that event) look at me with scorn. So, I have been trying lots of different tools – from various camera models, formats, and lenses – and feeling like I’m spinning my wheels trying to get somewhere that I possibly need not go, especially  considering she didn’t ask me to!

I suddenly realized something quite important today, while out shooting with one prime lens: my partner has only one camera with a fixed lens and only one angle of view – an iPhone; as much as I look at it with scorn, he makes some really interesting photos with it, and I often make remarks along the lines of damn your iPhone! with bad grace and a pout. My realisation was that he has been forced, by using the tool he has, to make the most of it by harnessing its limitations to his advantage, often getting a perspective I wish I had thought of capturing.

Another realisation came only a day after the first one: if I found myself without an internet connection, I would spend more time actually practising my art, instead of reading camera reviews and comparisons to all hours. 

I’m not going to make any new year’s resolutions based on either realisation, but maybe I’ll be a bit more proactive in my practice going forward.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX7 with 14-140mm II lens and in-camera dynamic monochrome filter, edited in Snapseed app. 


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