Ballarat Botanical Gardens: the giant’s trunk


This huge and majestic sequoiadendron at Ballarat Botanical Gardens bore three tall holes at the base of its trunk, large enough for me to climb through (which I did). I wonder how often it provides a roof over a homeless head?

Fujifilm X30 with Black and White (Red) in-camera filter, border added in Snapseed app.


4 thoughts on “Ballarat Botanical Gardens: the giant’s trunk

  1. A fine sapling, Melanie. Perhaps you should like to experience the mystery, awe and intrigue of a Great Tassie Oak hollow, complete with abandoned muskets and toasting forks used – no doubt – by sorely misunderstood ‘Bush Rangers’ such as Matthew Brady as he sheltered in Howell Gorge betwixt exercising his penchant for negative reciprocity (and extreme violence). Incidentally, I also found an antique toasting fork in the hollow of a Red Gum in Eden Valley whilst finding shelter to piss in the wind…

    …Still to this Day (one assumes), on the outskirts of Launceston – just before the little-acclaimed Tamar Wetlands – stands an old weatherboard farmhouse. In the attic window, on cold foggy nights in September – or June – one can see Matthew’s muse waiting for her beau still. So they say… Was her name Mary? Probably. Maybe.

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