My Button Jar: adventure with a new lens


After some investigation online into quirky lens alternatives for micro four thirds cameras, I uploaded the miserly sum of almost $35AUD to an eBay seller in a far away land, in return for which I received in the mail a CCTV lens with an adapter to use it with my Panasonic GX7. I had always wondered about these cheap lenses I had seen whilst browsing for ‘respectable’ lens options, but ultimately disregarded them as being inferior.

To my surprise, the lens weighs much more than its very small size indicates, and is easier to focus with the manual focus ring than expected. As there are no electrical connections between camera and lens adapter, setting the aperture and focus is completely manual, but this isn’t an issue when shooting stationary subjects.
I’m looking forward to trying it out in some different situations soon.
This was shot using the in-camera Dynamic Monochrome filter, with no editing beyond cropping and adding a border with Snapseed app.


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