My Good Dog: resigned patience


This little dog has been my loyal companion for the past decade, a fact which surprises me somewhat, since he’s often not particularly companionable! While he loves a walk, or a visit to the farm, or a drive just about anywhere, when not actively engaged he prefers to be in his kennel, or napping in the sun or a warm chair, seldom near me.
He is resigned to his lot in life: to pose for the camera without complaint, almost any time I ask, in return for a peaceful life.


2 thoughts on “My Good Dog: resigned patience

  1. Our Miss Marley is 8yo but she was nearly 3 when she was re-homed with us. Marley sounds v similar to your dog in that she loves going places but is also content with her own company when at home.
    We have just returned from being away for a week & both the cat & her were happy to reunite. It seems that they really do like each other!

    • Maybe that first bit of time before they came to us (Danny was one year old, and had lived at a breeding kennel) made them more independent. And now they know who belongs in their respective packs, including cats!

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