Brand New Era: old school style shooting


My photographic interests have taken a serious overhaul in the past few months: first it was the Sony DSC-QX100 Lens-style Camera that uses a smartphone for its viewfinder – that was a very interesting experience, and showed me the glory of a wide aperture lens teamed with a 20MP 1 inch sensor. In some ways it was perfect, but in others it was an unenjoyable challenge.

So I moved on, acquiring a barely-used Olympus Stylus 1, a nicely designed bridge / super zoom camera with a constant f 2.8 aperture 10x zoom: the shooting experience was a real joy, enhanced by the bright electronic viewfinder and inbuilt wifi, but the resulting image quality left me disappointed.

And now, with both cameras relegated to the “offered” section of Gumtree with hopes they’ll be better suited to someone else, I am holding a gloriously retro second-hand Olympus OM-D E-M5. Even more excitingly, I bought an FD to MFT lens adapter mount, permitting me to use my old Canon FD mount lenses that have languished in my cupboard since abandoning 35mm film photography.

The photo here is straight out of the camera, taken using the camera’s native grainy black and white filter and my 35mm f 2.8 FD mount lens, and so far the shooting has been a pleasure; it feels like I’ve been transported back a decade, but retained modern technologies. I’m violently happy!


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