Out and About: Dunolly, Victoria

PA190092 collage

A misunderstanding took me to Dunolly, in the Victorian Goldfields Region, recently: I had been led to believe there would be a Swap Meet held there, as some signs along a wayside said so.

Unfortunately, upon arrival it became clear there was no Swap Meet, and the signs had been up from the previous year’s event – more fool me, for not noticing the date was one day out of plumb.

Anyway, the lack of Swap Meet didn’t dampen things, as Dunolly is a very interesting town to wander about, and for a Sunday in the country it was surprisingly busy. It is also home to the most amazing building materials salvage yard, and well-worth the visit if that’s your thing.


  1. Help the what of the what?
  2. Fantastical garden decor
  3. i cannot find you but there is a face on the moon it looks like you
  4. P. McBride 1852, Ironmonger
  5. Dunolly welcomes you…
  6. Established in the Goldrush days
  7. G.S. Williams
  8. Lan-choo tea for your teapot
  9. Eagle Star Insurance
  10. Groceries Hardware
  11. The absent Swap Meet, advertised in a shop window
  12. Town Hall, porthole to the balcony
  13. Town Hall, where the wild things grow
  14. Bet Bet Shire, 1864
  15. Huge, creamy yellow roses for the bees
  16. CLOSED sign on old sheet music
  17. Pick the living critter…
  18. Beautiful crackled paint
  19. Dereliction in the Billiards Hall
  20. Corner garage, closed

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