Jane Duff Highway Park: spend an afternoon lost in the bush

P8030126 collage

In 1864, on 11th August, three young children from a nearby shepherd’s hut wandered into this bushland area and became lost. For the next nine days they tried to find their way home, until they were overcome by thirst, hunger, and exposure. On the ninth day, following the discovery of their tracks by Aboriginals from nearby stations, the children were recovered, and their “Babes in the Woods” story became something of an international sensation, largely due to their having been found alive – an uncommon outcome in those times.

As the 150th celebrations of the “Lost in the Bush” story are about to get underway, it seemed the perfect time to explore the Jane Duff Highway Park (so-named for the eight year old girl who cared for her brothers while they wandered the scrub). It was a beautiful, sunny winter’s day, but with several nights of frost recently it’s easy to see that the children would have been under a great deal of physical stress.

A lot of work has been put into providing a range of events, from an author talk this week, and including a calendar of events starting on the “Lost” day and ending on the “Found” day nine days later, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of this Great Australian Story.

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