100,000km Clicks Over: a centenarian of sorts

P8030042 collage

In February this year I bought a 1980 Chrysler Scorpion (known in various countries as a Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, Mitsubishi Sapporo, Plymouth Sapporo, Dodge Challenger), built in Adelaide, South Australia. I was looking for a modern classic, something I could put on club registration, and drive once a week; though I loved lots of cars I saw, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted…until I spotted this one! As soon as I drove it out the driveway and onto the outgoing road of a tiny Victorian Wimmera town, I was smitten.

She had 97,000 genuine kilometres on the clock, and had been owned by a lady in her nineties before her family pressured her to stop driving, and sold the car. (I love that both the owner and car were in their nineties when they reached the end of their road together!) With little to do to prepare her for registration, besides having a small patch of rust cut out and fitting a new headlight, she was on the road within the month, and I’ve been driving her regularly ever since.

On the day the odometer reset back to 000000, the timing could not have been more perfect, as we pulled up alongside a pair of 100(kph) END ROAD WORK signs on a country road! These are the fortuitous things that happen to me.

I hope that I have a trouble-free run for the next 100,000 kilometres and more with my car!


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