My Parched Garden: nashi pear

Like most people round where I live, my garden is looking the worse for wear from the past few weeks of high temperatures, including a number of days over 40C (110F!). The fruit trees are dropping their fruit from stress, and what fruit doesn’t drop is being savaged by parrots and cockatoos – not that I mind terribly anymore, as they’re quite pretty to look at, and they obviously need to bite every piece of fruit once before tossing it on the ground, far more than I  need to eat it.

This nashi still has quite a lot of fruit on it, but it’s been burned by the sun and they’re starting to split, and the leaves are quite crispy too. As I peered inside the canopy with my lens, I took delight in the particularly spotty skin of this splitting fruit.

Please click image to view full size.


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