Eden in Ruins: rediscovering TtV photography


There were big “hurrahs!” at my house when I discovered that the new PEN is perfectly well suited to being used for Through the Viewfinder (TtV) photography, which I had abandoned after selling my DSLR last year and discovering that my XZ-1 couldn’t do the job.

Because I had decommissioned my TtV contraption (I had sewn together two neoprene lens bags, cut a hole in the bottom one for the Duaflex’s lens window, and stiffened the unit with a cut-down plastic soft drink bottle – it was rudimentary, but it worked!), I needed to start again.

Rummaging around in the pantry I discovered a bottle of port…and, more importantly, the box it came in, which happened to have a window already in it for the Duaflex to peer out of. I dropped the Kodak down the bottom, packed it with nylon stockings, then cut a hole in the box lid for the PEN’s lens to slot into, reinforced it with electrical tape, and I was on my way – simpler, cheaper (free), and in fact better than my original version.

3 thoughts on “Eden in Ruins: rediscovering TtV photography

  1. What was that abut ‘necessity being the mother of invention’? You have to know what you are doing though. Sounds good.

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