Happy New Year: seeing in the new year with new gear

Do you ever have those phases when you jump on the internet and bleed your eyes dry over camera reviews for days? This happened to me in the week between Christmas and New Year, and led me up the garden path and around the mulberry bush. But that’s okay, as it then led me to this conclusion: paying a hundred dollars less for an Olympus PEN E-PL3 system camera with kit lens than I paid for my comparatively simple (i.e. fixed lens point and shoot) XZ-1 nearly two years ago Made Good Sense. So I did just that.

Major differences are that the PEN (pictured above right) has an interchangeable lens (I’d say lenses, but so far there’s just one), which one can manually focus – joy of joys! I’ve missed this so much since going away from using a DSLR; a screen that tilts up and down; and tweakable modes, even when shooting in full auto mode.

On the downside, I just know that I’m going to lose the lens cap, since it’s not attached to the body; it also weighs a lot more (which is far less than a DSLR), so really needs a hand grip on the front, and takes up more space. And it doesn’t have the XZ-1’s sublime super macro. No matter, none of these are dealbreakers, especially since I don’t really have to choose between one or the other.

Anyway, here’s cheers to a new year with new gear!


PS if you’re a troll who came here looking for things to hate me for, good luck with that and happy new year to you and the team.

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