A Religious Experience: church without the churchianity

PB034858 collage

Years ago, when I was a churchgoer, our minister had a term I liked: churchianity; I guess it referred to all that’s destructive about organised religion. (Please don’t think I’m passing comment on personal faith – it’s personal, and people are entitled to believe and worship whatever and however best suits them, me included.)

In another church in my past I came to love one (and only one) particular hymn, and when I picked up a hymnal in this little Uniting Church nestled beside a lake, I dug around in the index of first lines to find it – it’s pictured at top right. I always thought I’d love to have it played at my funeral.

In this church, I was there to admire the architecture and soak up the blessed serenity of the space. And take one or two photos.

Please click image to view full size.


One thought on “A Religious Experience: church without the churchianity

  1. Hey Melanie,
    I am enjoying this church topic. Are you able to say where this dear little church is situated?
    It looks very well maintained and restful.
    Do you remember the old days – actually you probably don’t as you are not old, but there would be a Harvest Thanksgiving day, and everyone would bring in a sheaf of wheat, or a pumpkin, oranges, butter, melons – all that sort of stuff that had been hand produced on the farm – we are talking – gulp- less than half a century (that still sounds bad) ago.
    Does not pay to release the memories – ha ha!

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