Shingle-back and Banksia: a striking resemblence

PA114651 collage
The interesting thing about the Australian bush is how well it regenerates after a fire. Last year this patch of bushland was partially destroyed by fire – but now, it’s a haven for tiny orchids and plenty of regrowth.

As Lex and I ran about looking for orchids, we encountered this shingle-back lizard (also known as “sleepy lizard”, “pinecone lizard”, or “stumpy-tail”), a large skink which is common throughout Australia – I found a similarly-sized one in my garden today. I wish I’d been able to get it in focus while it opened-wide its mouth and displayed its blue tongue, because the similarity to the burnt-out banksia cones was striking! This image online shows you clearly what I mean.

Please click image to view full size.


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