Mt Bryan East: delightfully derelict

P9114113 collage

Today I got to see the birthplace of Australian explorer, Sir Hubert Wilkins; his childhood home has been rebuilt from scant rubble some miles east of Hallett in the South Australian mid-north. This is not that building. The Wilkins house was locked up tight, so my host and her daughter and I continued on until we spotted this handsomely-proportioned homestead that appealed greatly to us both at Mt Bryan East.

Stepping gingerly over sheets of corrugated iron that had been shed by a bothersome wind across the front yard, we respectfully paid homage to the beauty of a home that is no longer loved. We sighed over the arched hallway; oohed over the vistas seen from every window; and lurched a little at the sight of a lively Eastern brown snake, who thought for a moment about the best course of action, before slithering back into the shelter of a plant.

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One thought on “Mt Bryan East: delightfully derelict

  1. Wilkins has been one of the most neglected explorers in Australian history. You’re in some of my old stomping ground – I really love the mid-north area.

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