Ominous Skies @ Stawell Railway Station

The old Stawell Railway Station is still in use as a gallery space, and undoubtedly for many photo shoots too.

On this visit, I was blessed with a dramatic sky – but nothing like the sky here, which is a figment of my camera’s imagination (art filter) and a bit of extra processing in Picasa.

As we drove around Stawell I thought about the process of editing photos, and I commented to Kerry that modern photos may tell some truths, but more often than not they are full of lies. But how sweetly they are told!

Please click image to view full size.


2 thoughts on “Ominous Skies @ Stawell Railway Station

  1. So well said Melanie – when I take a shot of my paintings and edit the light balance in Photoshop I realise how much we rely on photos and how easily they can be changed!! But I love this image of the station – would be fantastic spot to have an exhibition I have to say!! Cheers!!

    • I know you’d get it, Wyn! I guess photography has always been this way, just as painting is too – we enhance and idealise all the time. It would be a good place for an exhibition, too 🙂

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